Nonna Gallucci starts frantically cooking after hearing the Crows are out of Sauce

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 7.47.57 PM

Beloved Adelaide Grandmother Nonna Gallucci has taken to the kitchen after hearing that her Grandson’s futbal team have run out of Sauce. 

Nonna, who recently depleted Australia’s entire Orange stocks, received a call from Jordy telling her that the Crows would have to play without Sauce this week against Geelong.

Jordan was actually conveying the message that veteran Crow Sam ‘Sauce’ Jacobs would miss this week’s game with a knee injury.

Despite being told that the Crows were actually fully stocked with Nonna’s special sauce, the 83 year old Sicilian insisted on calling all of her Grandson’s over for an emergency Sauce day.

Adelaide Coach Donato Pyke said that the added jars of the tomato based puree was just one benefit of Jacobs being out.

“We’re excited to see what Riley O’Brien can do. He’s had a big preseason and is ready to grab his opportunity. The HGH in Nonna’s Sauce has got him big and strong.”

More to come.

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