National media rush to google ‘who is Tom Jonas’ following Port’s co-captaincy announcement


National sports reporters have rushed to their laptops to google the unknown Port Adelaide player who has been named as Co-Captain of the club.

As Port Adelaide today broke with a 22 year tradition of having their Captain wear the Number 1 Guernsey, reporters outside of South Australia were scrambling to clear three lines on the 8th page of the sports report to comment on the news.

Jake Niall, Chief Football Writer for the Age, was the first to get his search results back, subsequently writing a story referring to the new leader as Tom Konas.

“Tom Konas… I’m still not certain that this isn’t Jack Hombsch to be honest.”

“It says on Wikipedia that he holds the record for biggest loss suffered on debut with a 165 point loss to Hawthorn. That guy is the captain? Who were the alternate choices?”

After being informed that the other co-captain had ruled himself out of the early part of the season due to a water skiing incident, Niall was relieved.

“I thought this was AFL news and I’d missed something big. I didn’t realise we were talking about an amateur club.”

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