“I own a Tony Armstrong training guernsey.” Enter the mind of Crows Board hopeful Daniel Kiley


During the month of February, all paid up Adelaide Football Club members are able to vote for the next board member of the footy club. The West Lakes Journal sat down with board hopeful Daniel Kiley, to get to the heart of what it means to be an aspiring football powerbroker.

Let’s start with introductions. Tell us about yourself and why you’re running for the AFC Board?

I’ve been a Club Member for 21 seasons, and a supporter for as long as I can remember. When I’m not obsessing over the Crows, I work as an intellectual property lawyer, and moonlight as an iPhone app developer.

One of my key aims in running for the Board was to ensure that we finally got someone from the rank-and-file to represent Members on the Board. From what I’ve seen, the other candidates are at least saying similar things, so I’m happy that it seems like we’re going to see someone hopefully take that up, whoever wins the spot.

Given some of the events of last year, I’m also keen to see a bit more transparency from the Club. When the Club doesn’t keep us in the loop, that just leaves room for people to make up fake news to fill the void – not that an upstanding publication like The West Lakes Journal would engage in anything of that sort. (Editors note – at this point Dan pocketed the $100 paid to him to complement the West Lakes Journal)

I’m really interested in the balance between running an elite sporting enterprise, and being a ‘footy club’. I absolutely recognise the need to diversify and grow our revenue base, but I’m keen to make sure that, in doing that, we don’t forget that the Club exists to play footy and benefit its Members. I’m eager for the Club to continue to strengthen its position, whether this is with eSports or baseball or whatever (preferably not pokies), provided that the end goal always remains playing better footy, and better serving our Members and the community.

At 31 years old, I also think that I can help bring a new younger perspective to the Board, but I’ve still got a decade of experience working in professional roles in law and IT.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets focus on the important issues – Who is your favourite Crows player of all time?

Andrew McLeod. Zero hesitation.

Always classy, games record holder at the Club, and still looks like he could pull on the boots today.

Loved the big stage too. Everyone remembers the two Norm Smith medals, but as a true big game player he also followed those up with the Michael Tuck medal for best afield in the 2003 Wizard Home Loans Cup Final.

Easy question, predictable answer. Let’s make it tough. Who is your favourite Crows player who played less than 100 games?

Even though he’s on the Port payroll these days, I’ll always have a soft spot for Trent Hentschel. Should’ve played a ton more footy than he did.

There’s also a bunch of guys who had big games on Grand Final days, but never cracked 100 games for the Club – Ellen, Caven, Vardy…

Although her career is far from over, can Erin Phillips count as a sub-100 game player too? It’s a shame that with the short AFLW seasons she’ll likely end up well short of that benchmark too.

Off the field the club looks to want to own every other sporting team in Adelaide. If you could choose one minor sporting franchise for the Crows to purchase, who would it be?

In order to attract a new, youthful audience to the Club, we need to move fast to bring the Adelaide Augureys Quidditch Club into the fold.

I do genuinely hope to see the Adelaide Lightning make it through their current difficulties, but I don’t know that having them gobbled up by the Crows is necessarily the best thing for both organisations.

Let’s talk merch. What’s the weirdest piece of crows paraphernalia you’ve got and how does it compare to that bloke who got custom made Fog socks?

I own training guernseys from both Tony Armstrong and Keenan Ramsey. I’m constantly living in hope that we’re going to have a breakout player in either number 38 or 46, so I can be ahead of that bandwagon. So here’s hoping for a big year from either (checks notes) Lachlan Sholl or yet-to-be-determined SANFL top-up player.

How will you find the person ultimately responsible for Cheney’s delisting and bring them to justice?

I can only hope that Cheney’s status as the world’s first AFLX premiership captain sees him pick up some lucrative speaking tours, to bide his time until he’s hot property for one of the global AFLX franchises that will inevitably come.

Most fans would struggle to name more than 4 of our board members, let alone have a chance to speak to them. How will you remain accessible to members if you’re successful?

I’m an extremely easy person to get a hold of. Whether that’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or wherever. I recently had a message out of the blue to my Facebook Page from a guy purporting to be from a publication called The West Lakes Journal…?

What about finding you on game day? Are you a beer drinker on the hill, or a Shiraz sipper in the stands?

I’m not sure that my nosebleed seats in the top of the Riverbank Stand qualify me as either.

Lots of talk about a club move to the city, what are your thoughts on it?

I’d love to see it happen, but I’m realistic that it will need to involve an extremely attractive option to drag us away from our deal at West Lakes, where we are rent free at Footy Park for the next three decades. Even if we can’t move administration and training any time soon, it would be great to have a social venue somewhere central, provided that it isn’t just an excuse for a pokie den.

Nick Xenophon will love that last line. We’ve heard that nothing goes on down at West Lakes without the blessing of Nonna Gallucci. How’re you going to manage that relationship?

I’m confident that Nonna would insist that I’m a very skinny boy, who needs to eat some of her fabulous home cooking in order to grow up big and strong. I’m happy to take that bullet.

Final question. You’re stuck on a desert island and have heard no Crows news in months. You get told a story broken by Kane and a story broken by Rucci. Which story do you believe?

And I don’t have a reputable news source like The West Lakes Journal to fact check against?

Fair point well made. Daniel Kiley, thanks for chatting with us.

Go Crows.

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