Laird assessed for spinal injury after carrying team on his back


Adelaide superstar Rory Laird has undergone scans to assess a presumed back injury after medical staff realised that he had been carrying the team on his back for a number of weeks.

Laird who has taken in excess of 30 possessions a game is presumed to have done some damage to his lower back and upper shoulders.

The news comes as a blow to the club who are facing a significant injury crisis, following their number one drinks runner going down with a suspected hamstring tear in the win over the Bulldogs.

Fellow Crow star and load bearer Tom Doedee has also undertaken precautionary scans.

Laird spoke to the Journal as he was being transported to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

“I’m pretty strong for my height so it hasn’t been too bad for me, but yeh I guess you could say I’ve been carrying the team.”

“Its been good to kick a few goals this season but hopefully a few certain players in the forward line can do their bit and lighten my load.”

“Brodie Smith taking the year off to play fortnite and hang out with his girlfriend hasn’t exactly helped either.”

More to come.

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