Crows fitness staff celebrate players being parvovirus free for a decade

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 6.36.52 PM

Guest Editor: Kent Rowe

Adelaide Crows High Performance Manager Matt Hass has revealed that the club’s fitness team has successfully eliminated Parvovirus B19 from the team’s injury list.

“We’re pretty proud of what we’ve been able to achieve, it probably cost us the flag with Roo in 06” Said Hass on his way to the ice machine.

“To eliminate such a threat to our finals campaign has been a great relief”

Wayne Milera who is currently out with a hamstring strain agrees

 “Not having to worry about missing games through Parvovirus is a real positive. We like to build some consistency into our game, and this gives me the confidence to train hard.”

Another feather in Hass’ cap is the reduction in appendix removals.

“Eddie Betts who is finding form after coming back from a hamstring 2 weeks ago is looking good and now we don’t have to worry about him missing games this year with another appendix removal.”

“Rory Sloane is another one. His appendicitis risk has really come down since his appendix was removed last year.”

“I honestly don’t think we could be doing any better.”

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