Luke Beveridge still pretty high up in the list of Crows fans arch-enemies

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.13.23 AM

Despite it being a few years since the Western Bulldogs had their brief moment of relevance, head coach Luke Beveridge is still one of Crows aficionado Harry White’s most hated AFL personalities. 

Beveridge made headlines across the nation when he accused All Australian defender and Crows superstar Daniel Talia of cheating during the Crows emotional 7 point 2015 Elimination Final win over the Bulldogs.

“That got my blood boiling” says White. “The bulldogs kicked the first 4 goals of that game. If Talia was cheating he was doing a bloody shit job of it.”

The feud intensified the following year when Beveridge labelled Adelaide Crows coach Don Pyke as ‘disgusting’ when he sought clarification from AFL House over Umpire Troy Pannell’s 17-1 free kick count in favour of the Western Bulldogs.

“So it’s ok for him to label a player a cheat, and delist his brother with no evidence to back it up, but it’s not ok for Pyke to seek clarification when a known Western Bulldogs supporter pays 17 free kicks to 1? Jog on Beveridge.”

White says he took particular pleasure in seeing the Western Bulldogs implode last year, led by the terrible personal behaviour of Jake Stringer.

“In my opinion, the whole Jake Stringer issue is Beveridge’s fault. A fish rots from the head.”

“Troy Pannell is still number one on the list though.’

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