Gallucci’s Nonna very concerned about his skin folds

Gucci man

Adelaide rising star Jordan Gallucci has today fielded an hour long call from his Nonna who is very concerned that he is not eating enough. 

Nonna Gallucci was excited to sit down and watch her favourite grandson play his third game of AFL on Saturday night, but that excitement soon turned to frantic worry once she saw him take the field.

“My boy, he is too skinny. He needs to eat more. He is still growing you know. I called him up straight away and told him I had a bowl of Nonna’s special pasta ready for him to come and eat.”

Gallucci says that he has told his Nonna repeatedly that his diet is monitored daily by the club’s nutritionists.

“She doesn’t understand that I actually do eat several times more than a normal man should. She takes it personally when I don’t eat a tub of her home made gelato three hours before a game.”

“I actually have one of the highest muscle mass to body weight ratio’s in the league.”

Nonna, however, is adamant.

“He is too skinny. How is he supposed to find a wife when he is so skinny. I plead with him, Jordy, and have one of Nonna’s schnitzels for supper. It make him play better.”

More to come.

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