Rucci and Cornes strangely not reporting on Sam Powell-Pepper allegations

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 7.05.48 PM

Michelangelo Rucci and Kane Cornes have both coincidentally taken leave from their workplaces today as allegations come to light over the conduct of Port Adelaide star Sam Powell-Pepper.

While several media outlets have reported on the story, Rucci and Cornes have opted to pursue different leads in the quest to become football’s most talked about journalists.

Rucci, the Advertisers sports editor at large, was understood to be out of office studying AFL player injury lists hoping to catch clubs out for not releasing a players medical records the minute that an injury occurs.

Kane Cornes, former firefighter and Port Adelaide toiler, said that the big story was the constant lies coming out of the Adelaide Football Club.

“You want to talk about culture? How about you talk about the Crows lying to me when I asked them if they were going to trade Bryce Gibbs. Who cares that I would have leaked the story straight away! They weren’t to know that!”

Meanwhile, Port Adelaide President David Koch has come out in support of Powell-Pepper, indicating that society “shouldn’t expect players to be monks” while conveniently ignoring his 2014 statement that he would sack any Port player who socialised with unsavoury people.

More to come.


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