Sauce Jacobs Controversially Opts For Josh Thurgood Inspired Look

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 7.08.49 PM

CROWS players voiced confusion this morning after Ruckman, Sam ‘Sauce’ Jacobs arrived to training with dreadlocks; a look once championed by ex-Hawthorn player Josh Thurgood.

Coach, Don Pyke, said: “I don’t mind keeping the boys on their toes, but Sauce seems to have decided that it’s 2006.”

“When he rocked up, the Rat (Crows bad boy Rory Atkins) was particularly pissed off because he seems to think he’s the only one in the team allowed to sport a ‘shlid…’ that’s a ‘shit lid’, by the way.”

“To be honest though the Rat hasn’t played a good game since he decided to experiment with being the real slim shady.”

Thurgood – who ended his career with 13 games played and 13 games lost, and famously broke his cheekbone on Matthew Lloyd’s arm shield – was unavailable to comment.

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