Crows no strangers to pretty hectic Pre Season camps


Adelaide Crows players and fans are confused today after reports emerged from perennial bottom feeder Sam McClure that the Pre Season trip to the Gold Coast might have been a bit challenging. 

Adelaide Crows legend and current Chief Operating Officer Nigel Smart fronted the media today to scoff at suggestions the club had pushed the players too far.

“Lest we forget 1992 where I went so damn hard that I had to take the first six weeks of the season off.”

“Sam McClure wouldn’t know what distressing is if it hit him in the face and stole his girlfriend… again.”

“We’re comfortable with our preparations. The only reason that Victorian media are getting so uppity about this now is because we play Richmond at home this week and they know that 54,000 Crow fans will be ready to draw blood at a moments notice.”

Adelaide midfielder Matt Crouch also scoffed at the Victorian media reports.

“The Gold Coast can get pretty weird. I saw Riley Knight go through the torture of spending 24 hours straight inside Shooters. He wasn’t blindfolded, but he was blind.”

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