Gary Lyon hopes nation will conveniently forget that he used mental illness as a shield to deflect criticism that he slept with best friends wife


Gary Lyon is a lot of things but a good bloke he is not.

The former footballer is best known for entering a relationship with the ex wife of his former best friend Billy Brownless.

However, Lyon seems to think that now he is back on the airwaves offering irrelevant opinions, Australia is ready to forgive his sins.

“That whole ‘niiiiice gary’ meme was about me wasn’t it? Because I’m such a niiiice bloke?”

“Yeh so what I stabbed Billy in the back? I’ve still got a sweet gig that allows me to take pot shots at anyone without any possible retribution. No one will take a swing at me after my very public battle with depression.”

Casual punter Andrew Dowd says that listening to Lyon makes his skin crawl.

“All the bloke does is try and tell clubs what they should be doing when he never had the stones to step into the coaches box himself.”

“I genuinely get uneasy when is on my TV screen.”

Former Prime Minister and current Director of Beyond Blue, Julia Gillard, says Lyon’s public battle with mental illness has led to internal conflict within the organisation.

“Mental illness is a serious issue that affects thousands of Australians. It should not be used as the butt of a joke. But it should also not be used to deflect from other poor behaviour and terrible life choices, so in this instance we say play on.”

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