Adelaide Crows refer Richard Douglas’ suspension to Australian Human Rights Commission


The Adelaide Crows have taken the extraordinary measure of referring Richard Douglas’ suspension to the Australian Human Rights Commission. 

Speaking today after the announcement, Adelaide CEO Andrew Fagan said that the AFL’s decision to suspend Douglas for his bump on Essendon player Zach Merrett was a fundamental break of his human rights and natural justice.

“Talk shit get hit. That’s what it boils down to. Merrett was running his mouth about 30 seconds earlier and Dougie put him in the ground. What is the world coming to when that’s criticised and not applauded?!”

The appeal comes days after the Western Bulldogs elected to refer the suspension of their AFLW captain Katie Brennan to the Human Rights Commission.

“This is simply a miscarriage of justice in Dougie’s case. If Merrett had taken the hit like a man, maybe we wouldn’t be here.”

When questioned whether the move was one made out of desperation given the Crows face a rampaging Richmond unit in a grand final rematch this weekend, Fagan was dismissive.

“When you’ve got beastie boys like Kyle Cheney waiting to come back in, I think we’re in a pretty good spot.”

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