Crows fan’s weekend ends on a high after Lever plays like pure trash


It’s been a rough weekend for Crows fan Andrew Thurgarland.

Not only did his beloved team lose on Friday night, but the old enemy Port Adelaide produced a strong performance on Saturday afternoon. To top it all off, Andrew failed to select Tom Mitchell in his AFL Fantasy team.

However, Andrew’s fortunes have taken a turn on Sunday afternoon with former Crow and current bad bloke Jake Lever playing like pure garbage for his new club  Melbourne.

“I always said that we shouldn’t pay $750k to keep a third tall defender. If the bloke has to play on an opponent he’s exposed”

“I felt like I was cheating on my missus by supporting Geelong, but seeing ‘Jakey Boy’ crap his dacks every time the ball came his way certainly made up for it.”

Andrew explains that the day was made even sweeter by listening to Brian Taylor commentate the game.

“I’ll never forgive BT for facilitating Lever’s discussions with Melbourne. The bloke is only just above Rucci in the list of people who’s opinions I value.”

“There’s something glorious about traitorous bastards getting what’s coming to them. It’s almost better than a Crows win.”

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