John Worsfold reckons his time at the Crows means the Bombers might get within 10 Goals


Essendon coach John Worsfold has indicated his inside knowledge of the Adelaide structures gives his charges a strong chance of keeping the final margin to within ten goals.

Worsfold, who famously came to the Crows in their hour of need following the death of much loved coach Phillip Walsh, spoke to media today ahead of the blockbuster Round One clash.

“The Crows are a bloody good side. I should know, I helped create them.”

“I’m going to use that knowledge to best prepare my team, and I think if we bring our A game on Friday night we should be able to keep the margin to 60 or 70 points.”

“For example last year we played them in Adelaide and Tex kicked 5 goals in the first half. He’s not playing tomorrow so thats already a coaching masterstroke from me.”

Worsfold indicated that despite his best efforts, it was unlikely the Bombers would be able to win the 4 points.

“Are you joking? They have guns on every line. I’ve got Jake Stringer with his obscure haircut and terrible personal choices.”

“I would kill to have someone of the ilk of David Mackay.”

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