Josh Jenkins reminds Patrick Dangerfield that if he had stayed at Adelaide he could have been a Brownlow Medalist and an AFLX Premiership Player

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.17.09 PM

Adelaide forward Josh Jenkins has been unable to resist the chance to take a cheeky dip at Patrick Dangerfield, after Adelaide won the first AFLX Premiership on Thursday night.

Despite taking no part in the tournament, and having his position in Adelaide’s side threatened by the performances of Alex Keath and Harry Dear, Jenkins took the opportunity to remind former teammate Dangerfield that individual accolades pale in comparison to 6 team lightning carnival victories.

“Paddy loves to walk around with his Brownlow, but I get to walk into the club everyday and see a big blue X trophy. He’d be worried that my media presence is soon going to overshadow his.”

Jenkins’ remarks drew criticism from former fireman Kane Cornes, who somehow found a way to tangentially link the AFLX win with a conspiracy to freeze Port Adelaide out of the market.

“Andrew Fagan and Don Pyke said that they were going to use AFLX as a way to give the youngsters a run, and yet the team that played looked unstoppable. The AFL have to investigate. The Crows lies convinced to Kenny Hinkley to pick Jimmy Toumpas and Karl Amon, which obviously led to Port’s poor performance. It’s not fair that they have a beter development program than us and they must be held accountable.

Jenkins however remained unconcerned.

“Mate I’ve got bigger things on my mind. I’ve got to do a podcast on the NBA All-Star game this weekend.”


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