Adelaide Crows midfielder Hugh Greenwood opens up about his decision to personally fill the team’s water bottles with Holy Water

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 10.36.14 PM

Adelaide star Hugh Greenwood did not take the conventional pathway to the AFL.

Greenwood was recruited from the Perth Wildcats after spending eight years playing basketball, including a four year stint at the University of New Mexico.

Since joining the Crows, Greenwood has impressed fans with his ferocious tackling, courage and composure. But perhaps his biggest impact since joining the club was to take over the management of the hydration team in the club’s sports science department.

“I was pretty shocked when I found out that what we were drinking on game day was essentially a poor man’s Mount Franklin” said Greenwood.

“I approached Pykey and asked if I could take over as head of liquidation. Once he gave me the thumbs up my first call was to the Vatican to get an express shipment of Adam and Eve’s finest. Fages wasn’t too happy. I think we are going to have to sell the e-sports team to cover the cost, but the results speak for themselves.”

The change saw a marked improvement in the teams performances, but did come at a cost.

“Unfortunately the side effect of Holy Water is that it burns sinners. Rory Atkins spent about a week in hospital after taking a sip. I knew he was a bad boy come 2am on a Sunday, but I didn’t know he was that naughty.”

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