Tyson Edwards to make a comeback to AFL using the little known Son-Father rule

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 6.32.09 PM

Retired AFL superstar Tyson Edwards has today confirmed he is looking to make a comeback to the league via it’s seldom used Son-Father rule after his 18 year old son Jackson was drafted by the Adelaide Crows.

The 41 year old spoke to the Journal after completing his first official training session since retiring in 2010. “As soon as Jackson got drafted I knew I had to pull the boots back on. Couldn’t risk the little bastard ruining my good name by not racking the pill a minimum 30 times per game.”

“Do you guys remember my 300th game? 41 possessions. Best 300th game of all time. Cop that Andrew McLeod.”

“I’m the highest rated underrated player to get it done. Matty Crouch could take a leaf out of my book.”

Edwards abruptly ended the interview after he heard his second son Luke was trying to break his high score in Temple Run.

“Not a chance boy. Zoooma!”

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